Passing moments of hope, struggle and frailty are conveyed through Finn's unceasingly compassionate filial gaze - this is tomorrow. Contemporary Art Magazine

Nowhere is this more evident than in Matthew Finn's incredible project. His is a kind of straight photography that consists of collaborative portraits of his mother shot over a period of nearly 30 years. The series has been revisited for the Jerwood exhibition, shot during a period when she has left the family house and moved into a care home. Tim Clark for a-n magazine

Matthew Finn's portraits of his mother at home are tender to a point but far from saccharine. They portray a sense of vulnerability - on occasions she looks lost and drawn despite her cosy domestic setting. The trust that the subject puts into her documenter is testament to the closeness of their relationship, and it is this that lends the images their power. The Guardian Culture Magazine

"Matthew Finn's work draws us into the always fascinating dynamic between mother and son. That he is the only son of a single mother intensifies this connection. Matthew and his mother, Jean, are a family of two, and their lives are deeply intertwined. They are dependent on each other, and Matthew is, in many senses, the ‘man' in Jean's life. Through the lens, Matthew seems to find perspective on this intensified version of what is the most natural, elemental bond - that of a mother and child.". Elinor Carucci