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ISBN: 978-1-911306-14-6

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Over a thirty year period, from 1987 onwards, Matthew Finn collaborated with his mother, Jean, to document her everyday life through a series of portraits taken in her home in Leeds. This is a record of the ordinary, of a daily routine with which we are all familiar. It is also a record of the gradual shift from middle age to old age, and, in Jean's case, to the onset of mixed dementia and a move from the family home into residential care.

"It feels wonderful to add this book to our bookshelf. ‘Mother' by Matthew Finn, an incredible body of work created over 30 years. " C.D. purchaser feedback

"I'm pleased to have picked up my copy of "Mother" yesterday by Matthew Finn. Mother, is a collection of images Matthew has made with his Leica spanning 30 years. The book opens with a deeply personal and revealing introduction contextualising the family dynamic and emotional environment of a family in Leeds UK. The carefully selected black and white images tell a story of his relationship with his mum in and around the home while she conducts her daily household chores. It's a very familiar heart-warming narrative that I would hope everyone can relate to and identify with. Sadly and abruptly however Matthews's mother develops dementia and the story ends with a powerful, deeply moving and humbling study of absence" S.M. purchase feedback